Offices: The Netherlands Leeghwaterstraat 21 2628 CA Delft Tel.: +31 15 278 2907 Germany Weenermoorer Str. 193 26826 Weener Tel.: +49 4953 922 969 Consultancy for Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics FlowMotion News Who we are! What we can! Where we work!! Who we work for! Please contact us! CFD makes fluid dynamics visible. We solve every Flow problem. Experts for Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics As designer and user of industrial products and processe you usually don’t have the capacity, to  investigate in detail the behaviour of moving fluids, which play a major role in nearly all field of  industry. The independent consultant FlowMotion might be of service to you. Since 1996 we  investigate, analyse, consult and guide our clients to make their process- and product developments  less time and cost consuming.  The value of good consultancy  To give you optimum consultancy our engineers works in your  challenging questions fast and deep. We guarantee that we  always offer “state of the art” scientific knowledge and transfer it into your industrial environment. This leads to solutions, which  you can directly be apply to your day to day work. This approach  gives you a long lastig value of our consultancy