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Fluid dynamics in food production  Unilever is producer of  more than 400 brands in food,  health and wellbeing. 3 years ago Unilever has  edefined the “Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP)”.  This makes Unilever one of the most sustainable  companies world wide.  To stick to this plan continuous improvement of the production process is essential. Thus one of the  world wide R&D centres of Unilever has asked for FlowMotion to have a closer look at the fluid  dynamics of these processes.
Food production - FlowMotion
Infrared thermography  Recently FlowMotion has invested in a high end infrared thermography system. With the help of the  camera it is not only possible to measure the temperature distribution  along a surface with a high accuracy, but also to detect small heat  leakages and moisture in buildings, failure in photo panels and cracks in  materials and many more interesting heat transfer phenomenon.  Besides meaurements in general the infrared camera will also be used to determine thermal boundary  conditions for flow simulations and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations. 
Infrarot Thermography - FlowMotion
Silent airplanes The German-Dutch wind tunnel with a test-  section cross section of 9,5m x 9,5m is one of  the world largest wind tunnel, in which real-  scale trucks and airplane components can be investigated. A cooperation between DLR, NLR and TU Delft are currently working on  new ways to further reduce the noise emissions of airplanes. FlowMotion  has developed a small and slender nozzle to fill up the wake behind airfoils. Primary design targets for  this nozzle has been the size and the constant speed and direction at the nozzle outlet.
Wind tunnel test for noise reduction - FlowMotion Route . Route .
1. FlowMotion Invitational Golf Tournament Berlin 22. - 25.07.2016 This year we organized our first golf tournament and played on the excellent golf courses of “Berliner Golf Club Gatow e.V.“  and “Berliner Golf & Country Club Motzener See e.V.” .
FlowMotion Projects
winners of 1. FlowMotion Invitational Golf Tournament
Clean air in metal treatment VDL Weweler designs, produces and sells different suspension systems for trucks, lorries and busses. The quality of these systems primarily depends on the production process, in which many heat treatment steps needs to be passed. In these heat treatment steps huge amounts of thermal energy and pollutants are released, which needs to be collected and transported to other locations. FlowMotion assists VDL in the development of an entire exhaust system with its expertice in fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
truck suspension - FlowMotion
FlowMotion Inside
FlowMotion tests Simscale Simscale offers web based simulation tools. At the moment FlowMotion tests the performance of the CFD package.
Testified simulations of the wind load on buildings Wind load is not only important for preventing damages due to hurricanes but also in urban planning in general. In the past the determination of these forces totally rely on wind tunnel test. These tests are critical because of various fluid dynamical and costs reasons. Thus flow simulations replace the wind tunnel tests more and more. However flow simulations are only a more or less accurate image of reality, which makes guidelines for wind load simulations essential. Organised by TNO FlowMotion has joined a comity, to compare the different current numerical methods.
windload on buildings - FlowMotion
Protection gas in packaging To protect and to increase the stability of the product many packaging are filled with inert gases. This process needs to be as fast and hygenic as possible and thus disadvantagous flow effects needs to be prevented during filling and transporting of the packaging. Due to the importance FlowMotion investigates these effects for a multinational dairy company with the help of flow simulations.
gas in packaging - FlowMotion
FlowMotion helps FlowMotion is not only know for its execellence in development and optimization, but also for fast and proffesional help on site. With only one single visit the problems of an air curtain of a revolving door could be found and solved.
ventilation revolving doors - FlowMotion
Helicopter fly safe A save and fast transportation of patients is essential for each hospital. The famous “Medical Centre Leeuwarden (NL)” increases its cooling capacities, which are very close to the helicopter landing site. Since it is known, that the plume of the cooling tower might harm the aerodynamics of the helicopter approaching the heli deck, FlowMotion has been asked to investigate the influence of the cooling tower on the thermal properties of the air in the proximity of the site, before the heli deck will actually be built.
heli deck hospital - FlowMotion
Measure surface temperatures correctly FlowMotion gave a presentation at the  23. Task- Force-Confention “Improvement of welding techniques” about error sources in surface temperature measurement techniques.
Infrared measurements on aluminium plates - FlowMotion
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